Report fly-tipping

Use this form to report cases of fly-tipping in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

You can report fly-tipping on public land if the waste is on the public highway or other land owned by the council (parks, schools, etc).

Waste containing asbestos, clinical or other hazardous materials may take longer to be removed since special arrangements need to be made.

If you would like to report waste that has been fly-tipped on private land, or has accumulated on someone’s property – you can report it using this form or by calling us on (01482) 396301. An officer will contact you as soon as possible usually within 5 working days. Whilst the council will not clear the waste, we will seek to take action against the person responsible.

This form consists of 3 pages and will take approximately 4 minutes to complete. Fields marked with a * are mandatory and require completion.


Before you start

Please ensure you have:

  • a valid email address to receive a confirmation upon submission of the form, however, you can still complete the form without giving an email address but confirmation notices are only sent by email
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