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    Application for a replacement travel pass

    Use this form to apply for a replacement travel pass for damaged, lost or stolen travel passes.
    If you have changed your address or school, you will need to reapply to buy a travel pass or reapply for free transport.

    This form consists of 4 pages and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Fields marked with a * are mandatory and require completion.

    The fee for this form is £10.00 and will be payable upon completion of this form.
    This fee is applicable for all students - even if they receive free travel.

    Please note: A pass is classed as damaged if you can't clearly see the following:

  1. school name
  2. bus route number
  3. photo
  4. expiry date
  5. child's name.

    Before you start

    Please ensure you have:

  7. a valid email address for confirmation of payment and future correspondence
  8. your debit or credit card details.

    We will use the photo that we have on file, but you can submit a new photo if you wish (secondary schools only)

    Please note: Bus pass specifications are not as strict as those for passports. It doesn't matter if they are smiling, wearing glasses, or have hair falling across their foreheads, as long as the pupil is recognisable and their head and shoulders are shot against a clear background.
    We will crop the photo down to the right size for you.

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