Hackney Carriage/Private Hire driver licence renewal application (dual badge)

Use this form to complete your application for a renewal of your Hackney Carriage/Private Hire driver's dual drivers badge.

Please note: This licence is now issued for a period of 3 years. (Where agreed in advance with the licensing team an application can be made for 1 year in exceptional circumstances. Do not apply for a 1 year licence unless writing has been given to you in writing.)

It is advised that you renew at least 10 working days before your licence expires to ensure it does not lapse. You can't work as a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire driver if your licence has expired and you will need to make a new application for a licence.

Do not complete this form if your licence has already expired. You will need to make a new licence application and meet the relevant criteria.
Information on how to apply for a new licence is available on the taxi/private hire driver licence page.

Please note: if you have not joined the update service at your last renewal you must contact the licensing team at licensing@eastriding.gov.uk for advice before starting this form.

This form consists of 4 pages and will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Fields marked with an * are mandatory and require completion.

There is a fee of £180.00 for renewing your badge online.

A 1 year badge costs £70.00 and must be agreed with the licensing team in advance of making your application, if approval has not been given your application will be invalid.


Before you start

Please ensure you have:

  • your existing drivers licence reference number (this can be found on the old licence)
  • details of any arrests, cautions/convictions/traffic offences since your last licence was granted - dates, conviction and reason for penalty or arrest
  • a valid email address to receive confirmation of payment
  • your national insurance number
  • your DVLA drivers licence number - (to check on the DVLA on line service)
  • an access code from the Gov.uk website to allow the licensing team to view your DVLA drivers licence online
  • your debit or credit card details, as after completing this form you will be taken to the payment portal.
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