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    Application for a school travel pass

    Use this form to apply for a school travel pass.
    To save you time, please make sure you have read the information about applying to buy a bus pass to make sure you understand the process and the costs.

    This form consists of 5 pages and will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Fields marked with a * are mandatory and require completion.


    Before you start

    Please ensure you have:

  1. a digital or scanned photograph of the student to upload
  2. Please note: Bus pass specifications are not as strict as those for passports. It doesn't matter if they are smiling, wearing glasses, or long hair falling across their foreheads, as long as the pupil is recognisable and their head and shoulders are shot against a clear background.
    We will crop the photo down to the right size for you.

  3. a valid email address to receive confirmation of payment
  4. your debit/credit card or bank details.

    Please note: The cut off dates are as follows:

  6. direct debit - 31st March 2018
  7. debit/credit card - 30th June 2018

  8. Applications made after these dates will not be accepted.



    East Riding of Yorkshire Council is able to sell school season passes for use on home to school transport that is contracted by East Riding of Yorkshire Council. They can only be offered where there are spare unallocated seats available on the vehicle.

    Applications for school season passes will be accepted from 01 July and will be issued as soon as we know how many spare seats are available, although this may be as late as early October. There will be some services where there are no spare seats available and school season passes cannot therefore be issued on these routes.

    Priority for school season passes will be given in the following order:

  9. Looked after children not in receipt of free transport
  10. Sixth form students (in or out of catchment area) currently attending YR12
  11. Sixth form students (in or out of catchment area) moving into YR12 in September
  12. Children living in the catchment area with a sibling already attending the school
  13. Children living in the catchment area on a first come first served basis
  14. Out of catchment area children with a sibling already attending the school
  15. Other out of catchment area children on a first come first served basis
  16. School season passes issued under this scheme can be used for travel on the service stated on the pass but not any other service. We cannot guarantee a place on your requested service and will offer an alternative if one is available.

    Children will be allowed to travel on production of a valid photo bus pass, which must be shown to the driver on boarding the bus. It must also be shown upon request to an East Riding of Yorkshire Council Official or bus company official. In all cases, the person requesting to see the pass will show appropriate identification. You should therefore ensure that your child carries their pass at all times otherwise they may be refused travel.

    School season passes are issued subject to these terms and conditions and remain the property of East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Lost or damaged bus passes may be replaced upon payment of an administrative fee of £10 and the surrender of the damaged one. The Council will consider each application on its merits and reserves the right not to issue replacements.

    East Riding of Yorkshire Council is committed to safety and acceptable behaviour on school transport for the benefit of all passengers. Children who do not comply with the council’s Buswise behaviour guide may lead to withdrawal of the bus pass without recompense. The Council uses CCTV to monitor behaviour. Reports by bus operators, East Riding Officials, CCTV recordings and others may be used in determining action to be taken to address student behaviour.

    The Council does not specify that seat belts must be provided on home to school transport. Seat belts must be provided where there is a legal requirement to do so, but where there is not, the Council does not ask for, or require seat belts to be provided. Where seat belts are provided, they must be worn at all times.

    School season passes are issued where there are spare seats available. Should the seat be required by a pupil entitled to free home to school transport, the school season pass may be withdrawn. In this circumstance, passes will be withdrawn in the reverse priority order. Two weeks notice will be given and a reimbursement made for the unexpired portion of the pass.

    Where a child receives a school season pass, there is no guarantee that a pass will be available in future academic years.


    School season passes are issued for the academic year from date of issue.

    The cost of a school season pass reflects a contribution to the value of the transport provided and for the 2017/2018 academic year is £540.

    Where a child joins a school midway through a term we will apply a pro-rata charge. Please contact the Passenger Services Unit for details of this.


    Payments for an annual school season pass can be either in full by debit/credit card, or by nine monthly direct debit instalments. Direct debit payments will be taken on the 5th of the month and will continue for 9 consecutive months. Where parents choose to pay by direct debit the school season ticket will be withdrawn if at any point you fail to make a payment.

    Refunds will be given on school season passes in certain circumstances such as change of address, change of school or change of personal circumstances. Refunds will not be given at the end of the school year when pupils are on study leave or have finished for exams. Any application for a refund must be made in writing to the Passenger Services Team and the season pass must be returned.

    Tick here to say you have read, understood and agree to the above terms and conditions *
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