Report problems with street lighting or traffic signals

Use this form to report problems with street lights and traffic signals to the council.

Please note, if you wish to report the following:

  • a column door (lamp post maintenance cover) that is loose and exposing wires
  • a column (lamp post) that has been knocked down, is leaning or loose
  • a light that is hanging by wires
  • these incidents are deemed an emergency and should be reported immediately to (01482) 393939 and we will endeavour to attend the incident within 2 hours.

    This form consists of 4 pages and will take approximately 4 minutes to complete. Fields marked with a * are mandatory and require completion.


    Before you start

    Please ensure you have:

  • a valid email address to receive a confirmation upon submission of the form, however, you can still complete the form without giving an email address but confirmation notices are only sent by email
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