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    Taxi/private hire drivers licence - notification of offence/conviction or licensed vehicle accident

    Use this form to notify the licensing team of any arrest, caution, conviction, sanctions (eg fixed penalty notices), offence or road traffic accident (involving a licensed vehicle) since your driver or vehicle licence was issued.

    Please note:

  1. the notification must be made by the person holding the drivers licence/vehicle licence
  2. You must notify the licensing team immediately or within 7 calendar days of the date of any caution, conviction, traffic offence or receipt of fixed penalty notice. If you have been arrested for any criminal or driving offence you must immediately notify the licensing team.
  3. You must notify the licensing team within 72 hours of any accident involving your licensed vehicle, even if the damage is minor.
  4. This form consists of 4 pages and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Fields marked with a * are mandatory and require completion.


    Before you start

    Please ensure you have:

  5. your drivers licence reference number
  6. your vehicle reference number and detail of the accident (date, damage) if you are reporting a vehicle accident you will need
  7. the date of the offence, detail of the offence, the court (if relevant), conviction date and penalty if you are reporting a caution/conviction or offence
  8. a valid email address to receive a confirmation upon submission of the form
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