Report a pothole

Use this form to notify the council of a pothole in a road or path in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

A site inspection will be carried out to determine an appropriate timescale for carrying out the repair. Sometimes a repair, which may be temporary, is carried out within 24 hours. Other defects are scheduled for repair either as part of a routine safety inspection, usually within 28 days, or as part of a future programme of similar work.

Do you believe this issue requires an emergency response?

If you are making this request outside of office hours (Monday to Thursday 5pm - 8am and Friday 4.30pm to Monday 8am) and you believe this issue requires an emergency response e.g. potential blockages in traffic routes, large holes in paths or roads or poses particular danger to cyclists, please call (01482) 393939.

If you have requested a call from a member of staff, this will take place within the next ten working days.

This form consists of 4 pages and should take approximately 4 minutes to complete. Fields marked with an * are mandatory and require completion.


Before you start

Please ensure you have:

  • a valid email address to receive a confirmation upon submission of the form, however, you can still complete the form without giving an email address but confirmation notices are only sent by email
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