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    Application to register a non-commercial society lottery

    Use this form to register a non-commercial society under the Gambling Act 2005.
    Small Society Lotteries whose total value of ticket sales for a single draw is less than £20,000 and less than £250,000 per annum can register with the licensing authority in whose area the head office of the fundraising group is located.

    The law allows non commercial society lotteries to raise funds for those purposes registered for one or more of the following reasons:

  1. for charitable purposes
  2. for the purposes of enabling participation in, or of supporting, sport, athletics, or a cultural activity, or
  3. for any other non-commercial purpose other than that of private gain.
  4. This form consists of 4 pages and will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Fields marked with a * are mandatory and require completion.

    The fee for this form is £40.00 and is payable upon completion.


    Before you start

    Please ensure you have:

  5. your charity reference number (where applicable)
  6. notice of revocation (if applicable)
  7. a valid email address to receive confirmation of payment
  8. your debit or credit card details, as after completing this form you will be taken to the payment portal.

    Please note:

  10. an application for a lottery registration can be refused if an operating licence held by the applicant for registration has been revoked or an application for registration has been refused within the last 5 years
  11. the application can only be made by an individual who has the authorisation to act on behalf of the society.
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