Unauthorised Development/Reporting Breaches of Control

Reference: UD2938792

Please enter your postcode (only for properties in the East Riding of Yorkshire) and click on the postcode lookup button. A new window will appear for you to find your address and then click select to automatically complete your address details.

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Please supply either a contact tel no or email as this will assist if there are any queries.
Please note that your identity and contact details will not be published or revealed to anyone, including the owner of the land or the person carrying out the alleged unauthorised development or breach of control. They will be retained and only used internally by the Planning Enforcement Service in order to keep you informed of the progress of the enquiry and/or clarify the details of the report.

Details of the Site Location/Address where the development is taking place


Details of the alleged unauthorised development or breach of control

Your report will now be submitted to the Enforcement Team in the Planning & Development Management Service and it will be acted upon as soon as possible. If there are any queries arising from your request you will be contacted using the details you have supplied above.
Date Created: 22 Nov 2017

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