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Please provide us with your name and contact details
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Your address and contact details will not be released unless necessary or to deal with your complaint.

However, we will tell the following people that you have made this complaint:

  • The member(s) you are complaining about
  • The monitoring officer of the authority
  • The parish or town clerk (if applicable)

We will tell them your name and give them a summary of your complaint. We give them full details of your complaint where necessary or appropriate to be able to deal with it.

Please provide us with the name of the member(s) you believe have breached the Code of Conduct and the name of their authority:
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Please explain below what the member has done that you believe breaches the Code of Conduct. If you are complaining about more than one member you should clearly explain what each individual person has done that you believe breaches the Code of Conduct.

It is important that you provide all the information you wish to have taken into account by the Assessment Sub-Committee when it decides whether to take any action on your complaint. For example:

  • You should be specific, wherever possible, about exactly what you are alleging the member said or did. For instance, instead of writing that the member insulted you, you should state what it was they said.
  • You should provide the dates of the alleged incidents wherever possible. If you cannot provide exact dates it is important to give a general timeframe.
  • You should confirm whether there are any witnesses to the alleged conduct and provide their names and contact details if possible.
  • You should provide any relevant background information.

Data Protection Act 1998

For more information please click the following link for details of Data Protection.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council will, on request, provide this document in Braille, audio or large print format. If English is not your first language and you would like a translation of this document into any other language, please telephone (01482) 393939.

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